Lefkara Silver new online shop  - with love from Cyprus

Lefkara Silver new online shop - with love from Cyprus

by Kris M


..and here we begin!

Lefkara Silver's new online shop is here to make you happier! 

All of our silver jewelry are full handmade, made with real sterling silver, all made in beautiful Cyprus. Those masterpieces can be a gift for you and your loved ones that will never be forgotten!

We always care about the interests of our dear customers and we believe that the success of the company in a high quality and enjoyable service to which you want to return again and again.

Because your smile, and the smiles of your loved ones are the most valuable gift that can be!


Lefkara silver jewellery author and model wearing a handmade filigree set

Sales Manager


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Здравствуйте ! Я хотела бы узнать как сделать заказ в Вашем интернет магазине ?
Сколько будет стоить доставка?


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