The basics of making fine handmade filigree jewellery

filigree art prototype

Step by step we introduce our customers to our collection, and also reveal the secrets of creating Lefkara Silver Jewelery!

Today we learn some basics for the filigree technique is! Let's go...

The raw materials used are raw pure silver, mixed with small parts of copper to maintain its stability. The highest quality standard for silver jewellery is 92.5% silver mixed with other supporting metals (hence the name silver 925). This is the exact silver quality that we use for our jewellery.

Filigree is made from fine silver threads that shaped from the original silver material described above, using the traditional process of bending and twisting the threads to form patters that will later on melted together with a flame source. Some secret materials are then used for cleaning, and shining the product to show it's true unique colors!

Each jewellery takes at least 1 hour of hard work to made by a skillful artisan. All work is made by hand, and there is no automated processes. This is what makes silver filigree so unique!

Stay tuned as we will post a video of the procedure on our YouTube channel!


Lefkara silver jewellery author and model wearing a handmade filigree set

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