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Why Cyprus Jewelry?

traditional cyprus jewellery - handmade cypriot filigree jewelry box

What makes Cypriot jewellery unique

Cyprus jewellery are unique to the world based on their original designs, and very detailed craftsmanship. 

There are several categories of Cypriot jewellery but the most unique one is the Cypriot filigree. Filigree is made with fine fibers and threads of silver that is twisted, melted and bend in a manner to follow specific patterns and designs. Those designs are based on traditional tales, stories, and art, often associated also with other handmade art such as the Lefkara laces.

The jewellery making process is slowly going extinct and being replaced by mechanical manufacturing, both within the island or abroad. Very few people still process the skills to create fine filigree jewellery like it was done for centuries ago.

traditional cyprus jewellery - handmade cypriot filigree jewelry black background

Why to choose us?

At Lefkara Silver online shop we promise to give you the highest quality of jewellery, filigree or other types of exquisite art-crafts following the traditional processes and the highest quality standards.

Thank you for your kind trust!

What you see below is out latest addition to our amazing collection. It is a jewellery inspired by the local pomegranates that are everywhere within the island and considered a symbol of prosperity and trust.

The pomegranate silver jewellery is available for limited time, until stock depletes. Reserve yours today!


Handmade cypriot filigree jewelry in a box at the beach


With Love!

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