The first online jewellery shop to accept Crypto

We accept crypto

The crypto revolution

Our online shop is extremely proud to announce that accepts the four major cryptocurrencies for all of our jewelry that are available in stock:

Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC) & Bitcoin Cash (BCH) are all accepted via the trusted Coinbase API integration with our shop. 

silver jewellery cryptocurrency payments. purchase handmade silver jewelry with bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin and bitcoin cash.

We chose Coinbase to be our intermediately for your cryptocurrency purchases as it’s among the most trusted names in the crypto universe. With Coinbase API we can give you the most reliable exchange rates and the fastest payment transaction time. 

How to buy jewelry with crypto

You can buy all of our jewellery by paying their USD equivalent in any of four favorite currencies, using the latest cryptocurrency/fiat rates.

The purchase of our jewellery with cryptocurrrencies is fast, reliable and accurate. if you wish to see a tutorial how to do the cryptocurrency order please see this video that we have prepared for you:

If you are just lazy to see the 2 minute video (!) here’s the summary for how to buy our jewellery with your favourite crypto:

Step 1: Choose your favorite jewellery, add them to cart, and press “Check Out”

Step 2: Fill your shipping information

Step 3: Choose Coinbase Commerce as your payment method and choose your cyptocurrency 

 Step 4: Copy/Paste the Amount needed to withdraw directly from your wallet and add the receiving Address


Congratulations for being one of the first people on earth who bought jewellery with cryptocurrency. Certainly millions more will follow.

Believers in cryptocurrencies

Our family-owned business is a passionate believer of the power of cryptoccurency that will have in our economy, technology and society, and the best way to prove it is by accepting to sell all of our products in any of the four supported cryptos. By doing that we want to proof our strong trust in the crypto-economy and show that adoption of cryptocurrencies for everyday payments is closer than ever before.

We are HODLERS of crypto ourselves, but also excited to pay in crypto when possible to show our trust and support in the new system of payments that will change our world. 

Crypto will change the world! Welcome to the revolution!



George Chrysochou

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