Cyprus Handmade Products You Need To Explore in 2024: 10 Greatest Finds

The Growing Popularity of Cyprus Handmade Products

The popularity of handmade products in Cyprus, with a focus on sustainability and authenticity, has been on the rise. These products reflect the rich cultural heritage of Cyprus and are made using traditional recipes and techniques. The handmade industry in Cyprus includes a wide range of products, from jewellery and silverware to filigree and lace. There’s also a strong tradition of crafting with clay, resulting in beautiful handmade pottery.

Cyprus is also known for its olive oil products, which are often handmade and boast high quality. The island’s textile industry is steeped in tradition, with many artisans creating beautiful handmade textiles that reflect the island’s history and culture. Cyprus is also home to a burgeoning wine industry, with many vineyards producing handmade wines that are gaining recognition worldwide.

In addition to these, Cyprus offers a variety of handmade crafts, gifts, and other unique items available for purchase online. These products are beautiful and high-quality, but they also support local artisans and contribute to preserving traditional Cypriot crafts, as championed by Little Treasures Cyprus.

Let’s look deeply into the best Cyprus handmade products for July 2024.

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Top 10 Cypriot Handmade Products to Shop Online in 2024

1. Handmade Jewellery Cyprus

Cyprus has a rich tradition of jewellery making, with many artisans creating beautiful pieces by hand. These pieces often feature traditional Cypriot designs and are made using high-quality materials. Lefkara Silver, true to Cypriot tradition, crafts exquisite handmade jewellery, embodying Cyprus’s rich heritage in every unique piece.

2. Cyprus Handmade Silver

Silverware is another popular handmade product in Cyprus. Artisans craft intricate designs into silver, creating functional and beautiful pieces.

3. Cyprus Handmade Filigree

Filigree is a delicate kind of jewellery metalwork, usually of gold and silver, made with tiny beads or twisted threads, or both in combination, soldered together or to the surface of an object of the same metal and arranged in artistic motifs.

4. Cypriot Handmade Lace

Lace-making is a traditional craft in Cyprus, with many artisans creating intricate designs by hand. This lace is often used in clothing and home decor.

5. Cyprus Handmade Crafts

From pottery to textiles, Cyprus is home to a wide range of handmade crafts. These items are often made using traditional techniques and are a testament to the skill and creativity of Cypriot artisans.

6. Cyprus Handmade Pottery

Pottery is a popular craft in Cyprus, with many artisans creating beautiful and functional pieces by hand. These items often feature traditional Cypriot designs and use locally sourced clay.

7. Handmade Olive Oil Products Cyprus

Olive oil is a staple in Cypriot cuisine, and many local artisans create handmade products using this versatile ingredient. These can range from skincare products to gourmet food items.

8. Traditional Cyprus Handmade Textiles

Textile production is a traditional industry in Cyprus, with many artisans creating beautiful fabrics by hand. These textiles often feature traditional Cypriot patterns and are made using natural fibers.

9. Handmade Wine from Cyprus

Cyprus has a long history of wine production, and many vineyards on the island produce handmade wines. These wines are often made using traditional methods and are known for their unique flavors.

10. Handmade Gifts Cyprus

Whether you’re looking for a unique souvenir or a thoughtful gift, Cyprus offers a wide range of handmade items. From jewellery to pottery to gourmet food items, there’s something for everyone.

The Art and Elegance of Handmade Jewellery in Cyprus

Handmade jewellery in Cyprus is a testament to the island’s rich cultural heritage. The craft of jewellery-making in Cyprus is believed to have proliferated around 2300 BC, marking the beginning of the Bronze Age on the island. The early and mid-Bronze Age left us examples of the first pieces of jewellery made by man: archaeologists have discovered numerous necklaces and fragments of earrings made from sea shells and precious stones across many sites in Cyprus.

The designs of Cypriot jewellery are a blend of tradition and innovation. Cypriot jewelry showcases various designs, from charming traditional filigree silver to trendy necklaces and bracelets. The artisans put their taste and love into each unique piece they create.

Cypriot jewellery is known for using various gems, each adding a unique touch to the pieces.

  • Local Gemstones: Cyprus has stunning gemstones like agate, amethyst, and quartz. These stones are often used in Cypriot jewellery, adding a touch of local flavor and a connection to the island’s natural beauty.
  • Diamonds: Diamonds are often used in Cypriot jewellery, especially in traditional, authentic works. They add a touch of luxury and elegance to the pieces.
  • Gold: Gold is a common material used in Cypriot jewellery. It reflects the mastery of ancient metalworkers and adds a timeless appeal to the pieces.
  • Silver: Silver is also commonly used, especially in earrings. The first use of silver in earrings was seen about 100 years after the beginning of the Bronze Age on the island.
  • Copper: With a history of copper mining dating back to ancient times, Cypriot artisans often incorporate this metal into their designs.

These materials not only add beauty and value to the jewellery but also connect the pieces to Cyprus’s rich history and natural resources.

What makes Cypriot handmade jewellery unique is its deep-rooted history, the blend of traditional and modern designs, and the use of high-quality gems.

The Timeless Beauty of Cyprus Handmade Silver

Handmade silverware and silver jewelry in Cyprus are a testament to the island’s rich cultural heritage and skilled craftsmanship. The tradition of silver crafting on the island is deeply rooted, with artisans passing down their skills through generations.

These artisans create unique pieces that are not just accessories but also reflect the rich cultural heritage of Cyprus. Each piece is a work of art, reflecting the artisan’s skill and passion. The use of silver in their creations adds a timeless appeal, making each piece a cherished keepsake.

The products range from intricate filigree designs to modern, sleek pieces, all handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail. Genuine silver lends a touch of luxury and elegance to the pieces, making them beautiful and valuable.

Whether it’s a necklace, a bracelet, or a pair of earrings, each piece of handmade silverware and silver jewelry from Cyprus carries a piece of the island’s history and culture, making it truly special and unique.

a skilled artisan delicately crafting a piece of Cyprus handmade filigree.

Cyprus Handmade Filigree: A Tradition of Excellence

Filigree is a delicate kind of jewellery metalwork, usually made of gold and silver, made with tiny beads or twisted threads, or both in combination, soldered together or to the surface of an object of the same metal and arranged in artistic motifs. It’s a technique that requires a high level of skill and precision, and it’s one that’s been perfected by artisans in Cyprus.

Handmade filigree in Cyprus is a testament to the island’s rich cultural heritage and skilled craftsmanship. The art of filigree, which involves twisting fine metal threads into intricate designs, has been practiced in Cyprus for centuries.

The history of filigree dates back to 3000 BC, with its roots in Mesopotamia and Egypt. Various civilizations, including the Greeks, later adopted it, eventually reaching Cyprus. The technique was refined on the island, resulting in unique designs reflecting the local culture.

Popular designs in Cypriot filigree include geometric patterns, floral motifs, and intricate lace-like details. These designs are often created using silver, gold, and, occasionally, precious gemstones. Each piece is meticulously crafted by hand, making it a unique work of art.

What sets Cypriot filigree apart is its deep-rooted history, the blend of traditional and modern designs, and the high level of craftsmanship. Each piece is not just an accessory but a reflection of Cyprus’s rich cultural legacy. This makes Cypriot filigree beautiful and a cherished keepsake of the island’s heritage.

One of the brands that stand out in this domain is Lefkara Silver. They offer an exquisite Filigree Jewelry collection, including necklaces and earrings. Each piece is crafted with a high level of detail, reflecting the brand’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

Etsy is another brand that offers a range of fashion and handmade Cypriot filigree jewellery. Their collection includes pieces made with semi-precious stones, sterling silver, and gold-plated necklaces.

The Intricate Charm of Cypriot Handmade Lace

Cypriot handmade lace, particularly from the village of Lefkara, is a national treasure of Cyprus. This intricate craft passed down through generations, intertwines the identity, economics, and social life of the women of Lefkara. The lace-making tradition dates back to the 15th century and is still the principal occupation of many women in the village.

Lefkaritika, the traditional lace from Cyprus, is renowned for its intricate motifs and styles. The most frequently used motif in Lefkaritika is “Potamos”, which means ‘river’. This motif is characterized by clear, symmetrical lines that form a pattern reminiscent of a flowing river.

Other popular motifs include “Do not forget me”, “Palm Grove”, “Margarita”, “Mosaic”, and various web designs. These motifs are created using geometric patterns, a Lefkaritika hallmark.

The Byzantine style, often featuring Christian crosses, is another critical element of Lefkaritika. There’s also the “Da Vinci” style, which includes the famous “Leonardo pattern”. This pattern is said to have been based on sketches given by Leonardo da Vinci during his visit to Cyprus in the 15th century.

Occasionally, the lace is decorated with more whimsical motifs, such as flowers or butterflies. Regardless of the motif, each piece of Lefkaritika is a testament to the skill and creativity of the artisan, making it a cherished form of artistic expression in Cyprus.

This lace has even graced the 1-pound banknotes of Cyprus and is listed as a cultural heritage by UNESCO.

People Are Culture provides an in-depth look at the history and tradition of Lefkara lace, ensuring its survival for future generations.

Exploring the Diversity of Cyprus Handmade Crafts

Cyprus, an island nation in the Mediterranean, is a treasure trove of handmade crafts. These crafts, deeply rooted in the island’s rich history and culture, are a testament to the skill and creativity of its artisans.

One popular craft is the creation of evil eye bead crafts. These colorful and ornate beads are believed to ward off evil and bring good luck. They are often used in jewelry and decorative items.

Handmade wicker baskets are another typical craft. These baskets, woven from local plant materials, are functional and decorative.

Lastly, the tradition of headscarf-making, known as Yemeni, is still practiced in some remote villages. These headscarves, often adorned with motifs of leaves, flowers, and tree branches, were once a statement of wealth.

These crafts, available in traditional markets and small boutiques, carry forward many years of cultural knowledge and expertise.

a potter at work, hands covered in clay as they shape a beautiful piece of Cyprus handmade pottery

The Artistry of Cyprus Handmade Pottery

Handmade pottery is a significant part of Cyprus’ rich cultural heritage, with a history dating back to the Neolithic period. The island’s unique geographical location and abundant natural resources have contributed to developing various pottery styles and techniques.

One of the most popular types of Cypriot pottery is the “pitharia”, large earthenware vessels traditionally used for storing and transporting wine, vinegar, oil, or water. These vessels are known for their robust construction and intricate designs.

Another popular type is decorative pottery, which often features intricate patterns and motifs. These designs are typically inspired by nature and the island’s rich cultural heritage. Techniques such as glazing and polishing are used to enhance the beauty of these pieces.

In addition to these traditional types, contemporary Cypriot potters have embraced modern designs and techniques. They often experiment with different shapes, colors, and textures to create unique and innovative pieces.

Despite the changes over time, the essence of Cypriot pottery remains the same. Each piece is a testament to the skill and creativity of the artisan and a reflection of the island’s rich cultural heritage.

The Health Benefits of Handmade Olive Oil Products from Cyprus

Cyprus is home to some of the finest olive oils in the world, with a rich history and tradition of olive oil production. Handmade olive oil products from Cyprus are culinary delights and offer numerous health benefits.

  1. Rich in Antioxidants: These olive oils are packed with antioxidants, which help protect the body from cellular damage and reduce inflammation.
  2. Heart Health: The monounsaturated fats in these oils can help reduce ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol levels and increase ‘good’ HDL cholesterol.
  3. Anti-Inflammatory Properties: Olive oil contains oleocanthal, a natural anti-inflammatory compound that can help reduce pain and inflammation.
  4. Digestive Health: Regular consumption of olive oil can help improve digestion and boost the health of the digestive tract.
  5. Bone Health: Some studies suggest that olive oil can help improve bone health, although more research is needed.

These olive oils are produced using traditional methods, ensuring the highest quality. Saint George Olive Oil uses mechanical methods, while GLC Products Cyprus uses a cold-pressed technique. You can purchase these exquisite olive oils directly from their websites.

For instance, the Saint George Olive Oil is a unique variety of olive oil found only in the wild. It’s known for its rich aroma and distinguished taste, setting it apart from other olive oils in the Mediterranean area.

Another notable producer is GLC Products Cyprus, which produces Mediterranean organic extra virgin olive oil. Their olive oils are cold-pressed from their orchards, ensuring the product is fresh and of the highest quality. They’ve even received several awards for their olive oil.

So, why not boost your health with Cyprus’s handmade olive oil?

Table 1: Comparison of Olive Oil Producers in Cyprus

ProducerVarietyProduction MethodAwards
Saint George Olive OilAgrio EliaMechanical methodsN/A
GLC Products CyprusMediterranean Organic Extra Virgin Olive OilCold-pressedMultiple

The Rich Heritage of Traditional Cyprus Handmade Textiles

Traditional Cyprus handmade textiles are a testament to the island’s rich cultural heritage. These textiles, woven with intricate patterns and vibrant colors, reflect the island’s history and the creativity of its people.

The art of textile making in Cyprus is a time-honored tradition passed down through generations. The materials used are often locally sourced, with cotton and silk being the most commonly used. The techniques employed in their creation are as diverse as the patterns they produce, ranging from embroidery to weaving.

One of the most distinctive features of Cypriot textiles is the Lefkaritika, a special kind of embroidery found all over the island. These embroidered pieces often feature complex geometric patterns and motifs inspired by nature and daily life.

Another notable aspect of Cypriot textiles is the traditional folk dress. These garments, often woven from a mix of wool and cotton yarn, showcase the skill and craftsmanship of the local artisans.

Whether it’s a beautifully embroidered tablecloth, a traditional folk dress, or a modern interpretation of these classic designs, Cyprus handmade textiles offer a unique blend of tradition and innovation that is truly captivating. These textiles are not just pieces of fabric but a woven tapestry of Cyprus’ cultural heritage.

a winemaker in Cyprus, carefully pouring handmade wine into a glass.

Unique Flavors of Handmade Wine from Cyprus

Cyprus is known not just for its olive oil and textiles but also for its wine. The island has a long history of winemaking, with some of the best wines in Cyprus coming from the Ayia Mavri Winery, Kolios Winery, and Erimoudes. These wineries produce various wines, including Moshato, Shiraz, and Xinisteri.

Another notable winery is the Constantinou Winery, which produces almost 200,000 bottles annually with 8 labels. Their Constantino Cabernet Sauvignon is particularly popular.

Table 2: Comparison of Wine Producers in Cyprus

ProducerVarietyAnnual ProductionAwards
Ayia Mavri WineryMoshatoN/AN/A
Kolios WineryShiraz, Persefoni XinisteriN/AN/A
Constantinou WineryConstantino Cabernet Sauvignon200,000 bottlesN/A

Perfect Handmade Gifts from Cyprus

Cyprus, a Mediterranean gem, is home to a rich tradition of handicrafts. These crafts, deeply rooted in the island’s culture and history, make perfect gifts that carry a piece of Cyprus., an online gift shop in Cyprus, offers a wide assortment of gift boxes for various occasions. These boxes, filled with products made with love and care, are perfect for those looking to give a piece of Cyprus to their loved ones.

Little Treasures Cyprus is another treasure trove of local artisan products. Established in 2016 in the mountain village of Kalopanayiotis, this shop offers traditional Cypriot products handmade in the villages of Cyprus. From fragrant coconut soy candles to natural skincare products for men and women, each item is a testament to Cyprus’s fine ingredients and centuries-old recipes.

Crazy Cow Gifts offers a unique selection of handmade items from Cyprus. From local olive oils and honey to ceramics, paintings, handcrafted jewellery, and candles, each product is created in Cyprus with love.

Handicraft Cyprus is a workshop that aims to provide quality, unique, and long-lasting handicrafts. They handle various craft classes, including wood carving, aging, pyrography, and copper engraving. Their products range from backgammon boards to chess sets, showcasing the skill and passion of Cypriot artisans.

Conclusion: The Endless Wonders of Cyprus Handmade Products

Cyprus’ handmade products reflect the island’s rich culture and history. From handmade jewellery to Cyprus handmade silver, each piece tells a story of tradition and craftsmanship. The intricate Cyprus handmade filigree and the delicate Cypriot handmade lace are testaments to the skill and patience of the local artisans.

In conclusion, the endless wonders of Cyprus handmade products offer a unique way to experience the island’s rich culture and history. Whether you’re looking for a gift for a loved one or a souvenir for yourself this July 2024, these products offer a piece of Cyprus that you can cherish.

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Cyprus Handmade Products FAQs

What Materials Are Commonly Used In Cyprus Handmade Products?

Cyprus handmade products are known for their use of natural and traditional materials. Lace and woven goods are made from cotton and linen. Pottery is crafted from red clay, an abundant material on the island. Copperware is made from copper, a base metal that was a necessary export for the island during ancient times. Silverware, particularly the art of filigree known as ‘trifouri’, involves twisting fine silver wire into beautiful handmade jewellery and decorative items.

What Makes Cyprus Handmade Products Unique?

The uniqueness of Cyprus handmade products lies in their traditional crafting methods and cultural significance. For instance, the famous ‘Lefkaritika’ embroidered linens are made in a very specific, intricate, and time-consuming process, making them highly prized. These products reflect the culture, traditions, and creativity of Cyprus. Moreover, many of these handicrafts are practiced in individual villages where the traditional methods have been handed down from generation to generation.

What Is The History Of Cyprus Handmade Products?

The history of Cyprus handmade products is rich and dates back to ancient times. The practice of weaving was highly developed during Byzantine times. The famous ‘Lefkaritika’ embroidered linens have been produced in the mountainous Larnaka village of Lefkara since Venetian times. Pottery is a very ancient craft on the island, with red clay vessels being an integral part of daily life in olden times. Copperware also has a long history, with Cyprus traditionally being an island of copper.

Where Can You Buy Cyprus Handmade Products Online?

There are several online platforms where you can buy authentic Cyprus handmade products. These include, an online gift shop offering a variety of products, including gift baskets, balloons, and handmade art. Katerina Cyprus Sweets offers traditional Cypriot products, mainly handmade spoon sweets (fruit preserves), using only the purest ingredients. Crazy Cow Gifts also features a section dedicated to handmade products from Cyprus.

Popular Cyprus handmade products include the famous ‘Lefkaritika’ embroidered linens, woven goods, pottery, copperware, and silverware. Other popular items include olive oil, traditional sweets, cheeses, spices and herbs, wine, natural cosmetics with olive oil, and donkey milk soap.

How Can You Identify Authentic Cyprus Handmade Products?

Identifying authentic Cyprus handmade products involves understanding the traditional crafting methods and materials. For instance, only lace made in the traditional way is considered authentic and included on the UNESCO Intangible World Heritage List. Authentic pottery is prevalent in specific villages such as Kornos and Foini. Additionally, many authentic Cyprus handmade products are made in individual villages where the traditional methods have been handed down from generation to generation.

What Are Some Examples Of Cyprus Handmade Jewelry?

Cyprus is renowned for its exquisite handmade jewelry. One of the most notable examples is the Handmade Filigree Jewelry from Lefkara Silver. This collection includes various pieces, such as the “Virgin Lotus” and “Moon” sets, which consist of rings, pendants, earrings, and bracelets. Another popular choice is the Hadjicharalambous Jewellery, which offers a range of items from cufflinks and bracelets to earrings with unique stones.

Can You Find Cyprus Handmade Products In Local Markets?

Yes, you can find various Cyprus handmade products in local markets. These markets offer a range of items from traditional Cypriot products handmade in the villages of Cyprus using the finest ingredients and recipes passed down through the centuries. You can find everything from wickerwork and woven rugs to homemade jams and canned fruits.

What Are Some Cyprus Handmade Products Suitable For Gifts?

Numerous Cyprus handmade products make excellent gifts. For instance, Little Treasures Cyprus offers traditional Cypriot products like fragrant coconut soy candles, essential oils, and hand-painted natural massage hairbrushes. Another great option is Crazy Cow Gifts, which offers a variety of products created in Cyprus with love, from local olive oils and honey to ceramics, paintings, handmade jewelry, candles, and much more.

What Are Some Cyprus Handmade Products For Home Decor?

Regarding home decor, Cyprus handmade products offer a unique and authentic touch. Little Treasures Cyprus provides a range of items like fragrant coconut soy candles and aromatherapy wax melts that can add a cozy ambiance to any home. Additionally, Studio House in Cyprus offers exclusive products of high-quality standards, attractive and trendy designs, and great functionality, but they are reasonably priced.

Are There Any Sustainable Or Eco-Friendly Cyprus Handmade Products?

Absolutely! Several Cyprus handmade products are both sustainable and eco-friendly. For example, Earth And Ocean offers a variety of eco-friendly and plastic alternative products like bamboo toothbrushes, vegan cosmetics, and kitchen accessories. Similarly, Let’s Make Cyprus Green offers a range of products to help reduce waste and single-use plastic in Cyprus. These products are biodegradable, compostable, recyclable, organic vegan, & non-toxic.

Can You Custom Order Cyprus Handmade Products?

Yes, you can custom order Cyprus handmade products. Many local artisans and shops offer custom-made services. For instance, Crazy Cow Gifts allows customers to choose from an array of fabulous products created in Cyprus with love. Similarly, Little Treasures Cyprus offers traditional Cypriot products handmade in the villages of Cyprus using the finest ingredients and recipes. Lastly, Myst Handcrafted Creations offers a variety of colors, scents, and unique shapes, all of which are 100% handmade in Cyprus.