The Best Cyprus Jewellery Buying Guide for 2024: 9 Top Tips

A Cyprus Jewellery Exploration

Cyprus, known as the “Ancient Pearl of the Mediterranean,” has a rich jewellery-making history. This article will explore various aspects of Cyprus jewellery, including its history, the best shops in Cyprus, online jewellery options, gold and handmade silver jewellery, traditional Cypriot jewellery, how to distinguish real from fake jewellery, and where to buy jewellery in Nicosia and Limassol.

We’ll also explore souvenir ideas in July 2024 for those looking to take a piece of Cyprus home.

 a person examining a piece of Cyprus jewelry with a magnifying glass.

The Top 9 Tips to Know When Buying Cyprus Jewelry

Now let’s dive into some valuable tips for buying jewellery in Cyprus as of July 2024:

1. Understand the History of Cyprus Jewellery

Understanding the history of Cyprus jewellery can enhance your buying experience. The Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology offers profound insight into Ancient Cypriot Jewellery. Knowing that you’re buying a piece of jewellery with such a rich history adds value to your purchase.

2. Choose Reputable Shops

Choosing reputable shops ensures that you’re buying authentic pieces. Please be sure to look for shops that provide certificates of authenticity.

3. Consider Online Shopping

Online shopping offers convenience and a wide variety of options. Could you make sure to choose reputable online stores? Lefkara Silver offers a wide variety of beautiful handmade silver masterpieces, and we’re proud to be one of the few jewellery shops that accept crypto!

4. Appreciate Gold Jewellery

Gold jewellery is a significant part of Cyprus’s jewellery legacy. Consider adding a piece of gold jewellery to your collection.

5. Don’t Overlook Handmade Silver Jewellery

Handmade silver jewellery is a charming traditional aspect of Cyprus’s jewellery legacy. These pieces are unique and carry a piece of Cyprus’s history.

6. Understand Traditional Cypriot Jewellery

Understanding traditional Cypriot jewellery can enhance your appreciation for the pieces. These pieces reflect Cyprus’s rich history and culture.

7. Distinguish Between Real and Fake Jewellery

Distinguishing between real and fake jewellery ensures you get what you pay for. Please be sure to look for certificates of authenticity when buying.

8. Consider Buying in Nicosia

Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus, offers a wide range of jewellery shops. Consider buying your jewellery here.

9. Consider Buying in Limassol

Limassol is another excellent city in Cyprus for buying jewellery. The city is home to several reputable jewellery shops.

The Rich Cyprus Jewellery History

Cyprus has a long-standing history in jewellery making, dating back to the Bronze Age. The island is believed to be the origin of jewellery-making, with the craft proliferating around 2300 BC due to immigrants from Anatolia and Mycenae.

A limited use of metals characterized the early Bronze Age: the earliest items discovered were copper earrings. The first use of silver in earrings was seen about 100 years later, and the first use of gold followed 100 years later.

The mid-Bronze Age saw an increase in trade with Syria, Palestine, and Egypt, which in turn saw an increased use of gold and silver along with the export of Cypriot copper. The Associated Press reported that discoveries including gold ornaments and fine pottery at an ancient port city in Cyprus dating back more than 3,000 years indicate that the settlement was one of the Mediterranean’s most important trading posts in the late Bronze Age

The metal-working techniques Cypriot jewelers used (which include filigree, granulation, niello, and enameling) rapidly advanced, and they demonstrated exceptional artistry.

Cypriot jewelers have achieved impressive feats and have greatly influenced not only the culture of their neighboring countries but also regions further along the field. Today, Cyprus has numerous jewellery shops, each offering unique pieces that reflect the island’s rich cultural heritage.

Unveiling the 5 Best Jewellery Shops in Cyprus

When shopping for jewellery in Cyprus, several top-notch stores stand out for their quality and variety. Here are five of the best:

  1. Lefkara Silver: This is a renowned jewellery store in Cyprus, known for its exquisite collection of silver jewellery. Established in 1979, it has been a leading silver jewellery maker and wholesaler in Cyprus.
  2. Michalis Diamond Gallery: A family-owned business that offers luxurious, fashionable, and unique pieces of jewellery and high-end timepieces. They own five luxury boutiques alongside the seacoast of Limassol.
  3. Aphrodite Jewellery: An online store based in Paphos offering a wide variety of unique pieces of jewellery. They are known for their in-house jewellery workshop for all repairs, valuations, and engraving.
  4. Azurechic: An online jewellery shop based in Limassol, offering premium quality silver and stainless steel jewellery of wide variety and collections.
  5. Fabulous Jewellers: Known for their wide range of jewellery, rings, wedding rings, bracelets, necklaces, watches, silver icons, and many more at the best price.
a person browsing through an online jewellery shop on their computer, with Cyprus jewellery visible on the screen.

Best 5 Online Jewellery Shops in Cyprus: Click, Browse, and Buy.

  1. Michalis Diamond Gallery: Offers a wide range of jewellery and watches brands, and provides great customer support.
  2. Lefkara Silver: Known for its exquisite Filigree Jewelry collection, silver marcasite, and silver opal jewellery. They offer genuine 925 Sterling Silver, 100% Handmade by the best filigree artisans.
  3. Azurechic: Offers premium quality silver and stainless steel jewellery of wide variety and collections.
  4. Joia Jewellery Store: Offers unique jewels from Greece, Cyprus, and Spain, mainly sterling silver 925, 18k gold plated, and handmade jewels with semi-precious stones.
  5. Cyprus Jewelry: Offers a wide range of jewellery from various brands.
Online StoreLocationSpecialties
Michalis Diamond GalleryLimassolWide range of brands, great customer support
Lefkara SilverPaphosHandmade silver filigree, silver marcasite, and silver opal jewellery
AzurechicLimassolPremium quality silver and stainless steel jewellery
Joia Jewellery StoreCyprusUnique jewels from Greece, Cyprus, and Spain
Cyprus JewelryCyprusWide range of jewellery from various brands

Remember, when shopping for jewellery, it’s essential to consider the reputation of the store, the quality of the products, and the customer service.

Exploring Gold Jewellery in Cyprus

Cyprus has a rich history of jewellery-making, dating back to the Bronze Age. The island is believed to be one of the earliest regions to master the art of goldsmithing, with evidence suggesting that the craft proliferated around 2300 BC.

The Legacy of Gold in Cyprus

Gold, a symbol of wealth and power, was widely used in Cypriot jewellery. The island’s artisans demonstrated exceptional artistry in their goldwork, with techniques including filigree, granulation, niello, and enameling. The Phoenician gold jewellery from Kition, a significant hoard in Cyprus dating from Antiquity, exemplifies the goldsmith’s skill in the 8th-7th century BC.

Tips to Find the Best Quality Handmade Silver Jewellery in Cyprus

Regarding silver jewellery, Cyprus offers a wide range of options. Consider these five tips while you search:

  1. Research the Shops: There are numerous jewellery shops across Cyprus. These stores offer a wide range of jewellery, ensuring you can find the perfect piece to suit your style and budget. Also, consider visiting Lefkara, a scenic village between Limassol and Larnaca known for its exquisite silverwork and particularly renowned for its silver jewellery and embroidery.
  2. Look for Craftsmanship: Cypriot artisans are known for exquisite craftsmanship, particularly in silverwork. When shopping, pay attention to the quality of the craftsmanship.
  3. Understand the Hallmarks: Hallmarks are official marks or series of marks struck on items made of precious metals. Understanding these can help you determine the purity of the silver.
  4. Consider the Design: Cypriot jewellery is known for its unique designs, which are influenced by the island’s rich history and diverse culture. Look for pieces that reflect this uniqueness.
  5. Ask for Recommendations: Don’t hesitate to ask locals for their recommendations. They can often point you toward the best shops and artisans in the area.
a person wearing traditional Cypriot jewelry, standing in a pose that showcases the jewelry

Traditional Cypriot Jewelry to Look Out For

Cypriot jewellery is not just about gold and silver. The island’s artisans also use precious stones and other materials to create unique pieces.

The Influence of History on Cypriot Jewelry

The history of Cyprus is reflected in its jewellery. The influence of the Phoenicians, Egyptians, and other ancient civilizations can be seen in the designs and techniques used by Cypriot jewellers. This blend of influences has resulted in a unique style that sets Cypriot jewellery apart.

The Cesnola Collection at The Met Store presents a comprehensive assemblage of Cypriot art and artifacts, including a selection of Cypriot adornments translated into stylish jewelry for the modern day. The collection spans from the Early Bronze Age to the end of antiquity, showcasing the richness and diversity of Cypriot art.

From the Cypriot Gems Station Necklace and Cypriot Leaf Pendant Hoop Earrings at The Met Store to the Cypriot Twist Collar Necklace and Charm Bracelet, there’s a wide range of traditional Cypriot jewellery to explore.

Comparison Table of Gold and Handmade Silver Jewellery in Cyprus

AspectGold JewelleryHandmade Silver Jewellery
Historical SignificanceGold has been used in Cypriot jewellery since around 2300 BC, marking the beginning of the Bronze Age on the island.Several shops in Cyprus specialize in handmade silver jewellery, such as The Silverpot in Nicosia.
CraftsmanshipCypriot goldsmiths demonstrated exceptional artistry, with techniques including filigree, granulation, niello, and enamelling.Handmade silver jewellery in Cyprus is known for its high standard and unique designs.
AvailabilityGold jewellery is widely available across Cyprus, with numerous jewellery shops offering a variety of gold pieces.There are several shops in Cyprus that specialize in handmade silver jewellery, such as The Silverpot in Nicosia.
PopularityGold symbolizes wealth and power and is highly regarded in Cyprus.Silver jewellery remains a symbol of elegance and well-being and is highly popular in Cyprus.
VarietyGold jewellery in Cyprus includes rings, bracelets, and earrings, among other items.Handmade silver jewellery in Cyprus includes necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and brooches, all of high quality and made from pure silver.

Real vs Fake: How to Distinguish Authentic Cyprus Jewelry

When distinguishing between real and fake jewelry, there are a few key factors to consider.

Material Identification: Genuine jewelry is usually made from precious metals like gold, silver, or platinum and adorned with genuine gemstones such as diamonds, rubies, and emeralds. On the other hand, imitation jewelry typically incorporates cheaper metals like brass or aluminum and uses glass, plastic, or low-quality synthetic stones instead of genuine gems.

Gold vs. Gold-plated: Pure gold is a soft, dense metal with a distinctive, lustrous yellow hue. Fake gold may be merely gold-plated, which means a thin layer of gold is coated over a base metal.

Silver vs. Silver-plated: Like gold, real silver has a unique luster but is much softer and has a cooler, whiter tone. Silver-plated items, a common variety of fake jewelry, will also lose their outer layer over time, exposing the base metal underneath.

Genuine Gemstones vs. Synthetic Stones: Real gems often have minor inclusions or variations under close inspection, while fake gems may appear too perfect.

Craftsmanship: Genuine jewelry pieces are created with great attention to detail and fine artistry. In contrast, fake jewelry often has uneven surfaces, poor setting work, and unrefined details.

Price: Genuine jewelry is often significantly more expensive than imitation pieces due to the cost of materials and craftsmanship.

Be sure to visit the Cyprus Assay Office, which authenticates gold and silver jewelry, ensuring quality with official and fineness marks.

a person shopping for jewellery in a bustling market in Limassol, Cyprus.

5 Best Places to Buy Jewellery in Nicosia, Cyprus

Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus, is home to several exquisite jewelry boutiques. Here are five of the best places to buy jewelry in Nicosia:

  1. Tsiropoulos Jewelry: Tsiropoulos Jewelry offers a wide range of luxurious products from low to high-end prices. Their boutiques house some of the most famous luxury brands.
  2. Costas Giannopoulos & Son Ltd: Costas Giannopoulos & Son Ltd is one of Cyprus’s oldest importers and distributors. They are also one of the island’s largest wholesalers to over 100 jewellers, with a highly efficient distribution network.
  3. Elena Jewellery: Elena Jewellery Shop offers many unique designs, with a modern timeless touch and a brilliant spectrum in earrings, bracelets, and necklaces.
  4. Evdokimou Jewellery: Evdokimou Jewellery offers a wide range of products, including wedding and engagement jewelry.
  5. Michelle Stephanie: Michelle Stephanie offers demi-fine unique designs with a modern, timeless touch and a brilliant spectrum in earrings, bracelets, and necklaces.
Jewelry ShopSpecialties
Tsiropoulos JewelryLuxury brands
Costas Giannopoulos & Son LtdImporters and distributors
Elena JewelleryUnique designs
Evdokimou JewelleryWedding and engagement jewelry
Michelle StephanieDemi-fine unique designs

5 Best Places to Buy Jewellery in Limassol, Cyprus

Limassol, a city on the southern coast of Cyprus, is another excellent place to shop for jewelry. Here are five top jewelry shops in Limassol:

  1. Carlo Joaillier: Carlo Joaillier offers a wide range of luxurious products from low to high-end. Their boutiques house some of the most famous luxury brands.
  2. Christian Xenon: Christian Xenon is the sole distributor in Cyprus of very well-known brands in watches and jewellery such as Franck Muller “The Master of Complications”, Cvstos “The Time Keeper”, Backes and Strauss “The Master of Diamonds”, Faberge jeweler & watches, Stefan Hafner, Leo Pizzo, Schoeffel Pearls, Nouvelle Bague and Sicis Jewels.
  3. Constantinos Jewels: Constantinos Jewels is an exclusive jewellery boutique in a prime location at the Maximos Plaza in Limassol, Cyprus. This elegant boutique enchants any visitor with its exquisite selection of hand-made jewellery.
  4. Kings Jewellers: Kings Jewellers has been crafting fine designer jewelry, high jewelry, iconic collections and geometric innovative designs since 1907.
  5. Kitro Creations: Kitro Creations creates beautiful artistic jewellery, faux bijoux and decorative objects with great love and affordable prices. Nature, the universe, and emotions inspire them.
Jewelry ShopSpecialties
Carlo JoaillierLuxury brands
Christian XenonDistributor of well-known brands
Constantinos JewelsHand-made jewellery
Kings JewellersFine designer jewelry
Kitro CreationsArtistic jewellery

Cyprus Jewellery Souvenir: Take-Home Ideas

Regarding souvenirs from Cyprus, jewellery stands out as a top choice. Cyprus is known for its exquisite jewellery and a wide variety of pieces. Here are some ideas:

Olive Oil Inspired Jewellery: Olive oil has been produced in Cyprus since ancient times and is tied to the island’s history, culture, and economy. Jewellery inspired by this rich heritage, such as olive leaf pendants or olive branch bracelets, makes for unique and meaningful souvenirs.

Handmade Silver Jewellery: Cyprus has many skilled artisans who create stunning pieces of handmade silver jewellery. These pieces often feature intricate designs and high-quality craftsmanship, making them a perfect souvenir of your trip.

Diamond Jewellery: The global diamond jewellery market is projected to reach $265.29 billion by 2030. Cyprus is no exception to this trend, with many jewellery shops offering a wide range of diamond pieces. These luxurious items, whether a diamond ring or a pair of diamond earrings, will impress.

Gold Jewellery: Gold jewellery is a classic choice and is widely available in Cyprus. From delicate gold necklaces to bold gold bracelets, there’s something to suit every style and budget.

The Pythagorean Cup: Topping the charts of popular Cyprus souvenirs is the Pythagorean Cup. This ceramic product will surprise and puzzle your intelligent friends. The shape resembles an ordinary cup; however, the stem is not attached from the outside but sticks out inside. The beverage goes between the walls of the cup and the stem, and if you flip over the whole cup, the liquid will spill through the hole in the stem. This unique souvenir is a great conversation starter and a fun way to remember your trip to Cyprus.

Summarising Your Journey Through Cyprus Jewellery

Throughout this guide, we’ve covered various topics related to Cyprus jewellery.

We’ve also touched on the charm of Traditional Cypriot jewellery, and guided how to distinguish between authentic vs fake jewellery in Cyprus. We’ve advised you where to buy jewelry in Cyprus, whether in Nicosia or Limassol.

Finally, we’ve shared some Cyprus jewellery souvenir ideas, including the unique Pythagorean Cup, to help you find the perfect keepsake from your trip in July 2024.

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a person reading a book titled 'Cyprus Jewellery FAQs', with various pieces of Cyprus jewellery laid out in front of them.

Cyprus Jewellery FAQs

What is the history of Cyprus jewellery?

The history of Cyprus jewellery dates back to around 2300 BC, marking the beginning of the Bronze Age on the island. The earliest items discovered were copper earrings, with the first use of silver in earrings seen about 100 years later and the first use of gold a further 100 years later. The early and mid-Bronze Age (2400-1600 BC) left us examples of the first pieces of jewellery made by man, including numerous necklaces and fragments of earrings made from sea shells and precious stones. The metal-working techniques Cypriot jewelers used, including filigree, granulation, niello, and enameling, rapidly advanced and demonstrated exceptional artistry.

The most popular types of Cyprus jewellery include gold, silver, and bronze pieces. These materials create various jewellery items, from trendy necklaces and bracelets to the finest watches and luxury designs. The jewellery scene in Cyprus is regularly highlighted by bi-annual collections featuring distinctive signature styles.

What materials are commonly used in Cyprus jewellery?

The common materials used in Cyprus jewellery include gold, silver, bronze, and copper. These materials create various pieces, from simple earrings to intricate necklaces. The use of these materials dates back to the early Bronze Age, with the first items discovered being copper earrings.

What are some reputable Cyprus jewellery stores?

There are several reputable jewellery stores in Cyprus. These include Michalis Diamond Gallery, a family-owned business that pioneered fine jewellery, design, and innovation in Cyprus since its establishment in 1985. Other notable stores include Christian Xenon, Constantinos Jewels, Kings Jewellers, Tsiropoulos Jewelry, and Tonia Jewellery.

What are some tips for buying Cyprus jewellery?

When buying Cyprus jewellery, it’s essential to consider the quality of the materials. For instance, olive oil has been produced in Cyprus since ancient times and is tied to the island’s history, culture, and economy. Choosing a jeweler with formal gemological education and/or jewellery manufacturing training is also recommended.

Are there any famous Cyprus jewellery designers?

Yes, there are several famous Cyprus jewellery designers. One is Katia K., the first qualified jewellery designer-maker to return to the island and establish her own studio and jewellery house in Nicosia, now known as Katia’s Treasures. Her bi-annual collections featuring her distinctive signature style are regular highlights of the jewellery scene in Cyprus. Another notable designer is Christiana Kafa, a Greek Cypriot jewellery and accessories designer, who launched her first line in 2014.

Where can I buy authentic Cyprus jewellery online?

You can buy authentic Cyprus jewellery from various online stores. Some of the notable ones include Aphrodite Jewellery. This Paphos-based jewellery store operates with the esteemed approval of the Cyprus Assay Office, ensuring each piece meets the highest standards of quality and authenticity. Another online store is Azurechic, based in Limassol, offering premium quality silver and stainless steel jewellery. You can also find a list of the best jewellery shops in Cyprus on the Cyprus Jewellery portal.

Additionally, Lefkara Silver has been a leading silver jewelry maker and wholesaler in Cyprus since 1979. They offer a wide range of handmade filigree jewelry, including rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets, and complete sets. Their collection is inspired by feminine wisdom and the power of the moon, love, and prosperity. They have the most extensive online filigree collection and provide worldwide reliable delivery.

What makes Cyprus jewellery unique?

Cyprus jewellery is unique due to its rich history and craftsmanship. Historians believe that the art of producing jewellery originated in Cyprus. Cypriot jewellers are known for their skillful use of precious metals and stones. Cypriot jewelry has two dominant trends: traditional, authentic works that adhere to the old techniques and standards with their characteristic inlaid semi- and precious stones.

What is the price range for Cyprus jewellery?

The price range for Cyprus jewellery varies widely depending on the type of jewellery, the materials used, and the craftsmanship involved. For instance, a gold pendant was priced at €440.00 at Aphrodite Jewelry. At Michalis Diamond Gallery, prices for handmade rings range from €64.51 to €4,200.00. Please note that these prices are indicative, and actual prices may vary.

The latest trends in Cyprus jewellery reflect global trends. According to a 2024 jewelry trends report, trends include watches worn in unconventional ways (like rings or necklaces), bows in jewelry, and a resurgence of the ’70s style. It’s important to note that while these trends influence Cyprus jewellery, the traditional, authentic works that adhere to old techniques and standards remain popular.

How is Cyprus jewellery typically crafted?

Cyprus jewellery is typically crafted with traditional techniques and modern influences. Historically, Cypriot jewellers used precious metals like copper, silver, and gold, and techniques such as filigree, granulation, niello, and enamelling. Today, these traditional techniques are still used. Still, they are often combined with modern design elements to create unique pieces that reflect Cyprus’s rich jewellery-making history.

How can I identify genuine Cyprus jewellery?

Identifying genuine Cyprus jewellery involves looking for hallmarks of quality and authenticity. For instance, Aphrodite Jewellery operates with the approval of the Cyprus Assay Office, ensuring each piece meets high standards of quality and authenticity. Additionally, understanding the unique characteristics of Cyprus jewellery, such as traditional techniques and precious metals, can help identify genuine pieces. It’s always a good idea to purchase from reputable sellers and ask for authenticity certificates when available.

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