What To Love About Lefkara Jewellery: 7 Best Stores & Deals in 2024

The Fantastic World of Lefkara Jewellery

Lefkara jewellery, a unique blend of tradition and artistry, has captivated hearts for centuries. This article will take you on a journey through Lefkara jewellery, exploring its rich history, the exquisite craftsmanship of Lefkara silver and gold jewellery, and the best places to buy these treasures.

We’ll also share tips on finding affordable Lefkara jewellery, buying online, and selecting the perfect souvenirs and gifts. Lastly, we’ll delve into the traditional experiences that Lefkara offers, making it a must-visit destination for any jewellery lover in July 2024. Any further information you need can be found at Lefkara Silver.

a man showcasing a variety of Lefkara jewellery in a top store.

Unveiling the Best: 7 Top Lefkara Jewellery Stores in 2024

1. Michalakis Christou & Sons Handmade Silverwear

Michalakis Christou & Sons Handmade Silverwear is a family-run business in the heart of Lefkara. Known for their genuine handmade silver filigree, their products are of top shiny quality, made with the finest and most detailed threads of real silver. Their wide range of entirely handmade products and exceptional customer service in English and Greek languages make them a must-visit.

2. Work Shop Pavlos Pavlou

Work Shop Pavlos Pavlou, located in Pano Lefkara, Larnaca, Cyprus, is a wholesale and retail store. The shop has been crafting jewelry since 1979. You can find a wide range of 925 Sterling Silver jewelry made with meticulous attention to detail. The shop enjoys positive reviews for its quality products and excellent customer service. Whether you’re looking for a unique piece for yourself or a gift for someone special, Work Shop Pavlos Pavlou is a must-visit destination.

3. L.Papaloizou-Cardiff Lefkara Lace Workshop & Silver

L.Papaloizou-Cardiff Lefkara Lace Workshop & Silver is a fantastic family business in Kato Lefkara. Visitors praise the entertaining and kind family members who run the shop and provide interesting information. The shop is known for its beautiful filigree silver pieces and lacework.

4. Avramis Vasiliou Jewellery

Avramis Vasiliou Jewellery, located in Lefkara, Cyprus, is a popular destination for jewellery lovers. While details about their Lefkara jewellery collection are unavailable, their Facebook page shows high customer engagement and satisfaction.

5. Rouvis Lace and Silver

Rouvis Lace and Silver, located in Pano Lefkara, Larnaca, Cyprus, is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in Lefkara’s rich tradition of lace and silverwork. The store offers a wide range of silver and gold jewellery and handmade “LEFKARITIKA” embroidery. With over 600 likes on their Facebook page and a 4.5-star rating on TripAdvisor, it’s clear that visitors appreciate the quality of their products and the warm, welcoming atmosphere. Whether you’re looking for a unique piece of jewellery or beautiful embroidery, Rouvis Lace and Silver has something to offer.

6. Harry & Maria Loizou Art And Silver

Harry & Maria Loizou Art And Silver is a well-known shop in Kato, Lefkara. They offer a variety of products and have received positive reviews for their quality and service.

Andria’s Silver Gallery, located in Pano Lefkara, is a popular destination for silver jewellery lovers. They offer a variety of handcrafted silver pieces that are sure to captivate any visitor.

The Fascinating Lefkara History

Lefkara, a village on the island of Cyprus, is renowned for its lace, known as lefkaritika, and silver handicrafts. The village’s name, derived from the Greek words “lefka” (white) and “ori” (mountains, hills), reflects the white silica and limestone that characterize the area.

Historically, Lefkara has been inhabited for centuries, with Neolithic archaeological remains found in the village. The first historical record of Pano Lefkara dates back to 1134, during the Byzantine Empire. The town gained prominence during the Frankish and Venetian period (1191-1571), becoming a fiefdom and, in the 16th century, the largest town in Cyprus.

Lefkara’s fame is tied to its traditional crafts. Groups of women can often be seen working on their delicate embroidery in the village streets, a sight that has remained unchanged for centuries. The village is also known for its skilled silversmiths who produce fine filigree work.

A folklore museum in the town offers visitors a glimpse into life in Cyprus about a hundred years ago, showcasing local costumes, furniture, and examples of the Lefkara lacework. The village’s reputation for craftsmanship even attracted the attention of Leonardo da Vinci, who is said to have visited the town in 1481 and purchased a lace cloth for the main altar of the Duomo di Milano.

Shopping at Your Fingertips: Finding Lefkara Jewelry Online

When shopping for Lefkara jewelry, the internet offers a world of possibilities. One notable online store is Lefkara Silver, a leading silver jewelry maker and wholesaler in Cyprus since 1979. Although their physical store is not in Lefkara, they specialize in genuine Lefkara handmade silver filigree, silver marcasite, and silver opal jewelry.

The silver filigree offered by Lefkara Silver is Genuine 925 Sterling Silver, 100% Handmade by the best filigree artisans. Their Filigree Jewelry collection is of top shiny quality, made with the finest and most detailed threads of real silver that make Cyprus Filigree (Lefkara Filigree) unique.

The online store offers various products, including rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets, and complete sets. They also offer exclusive online offers and designs.

Michalakis Christou & Sons Handmade Silverwear is a well-known shop located in Pano Lefkara. While they have a strong presence in the physical market, their online presence can be seen on social media platforms like Facebook.

Work Shop Pavlos Pavlou is a wholesale and retail store. They offer a wide range of products, including 925 Sterling Silver jewelry. They have a robust online presence, with a Facebook page where they interact with their customers, even though they do not yet have a dedicated online store for their products.

Rouvis Lace and Silver is another specialty shop offering various products, including silver and gold jewelry. Similar to the other shops, their online presence is prevalent on Facebook.

a person holding an intricate piece of Lefkara silver jewellery.

The Elegance of Silver: Exploring Lefkara Silver Jewellery

Lefkara Silver Jewellery is renowned for its elegant and intricate designs. The silver jewelry in Lefkara is like intricate lacework made of fine silver wire shaped into pieces. Lefkara Silver Jewellery, a treasure from the heart of Cyprus, is a testament to the island’s rich history and skilled craftsmanship. This unique art form, passed down through generations, is characterized by intricate designs and exceptional quality. Each piece is a work of art, handcrafted with precision and care, reflecting the passion and dedication of the artisans.

Lefkara filigree, the oldest type of handmade jewelry found in Cyprus, originates from the village Lefkara, which also has a long tradition in laces and is a Unesco World Heritage site.

The silver used in Lefkara jewellery is genuine 925 Sterling Silver, ensuring durability and lasting shine. The designs are inspired by nature, tradition, and the beautiful landscapes of Cyprus.
The most distinctive feature of Lefkara Silver Jewellery is the filigree work. This involves twisting thin threads of silver into delicate patterns, creating a lace-like effect that is both elegant and intricate. The result is a stunning piece of jewellery that is as beautiful as it is unique.

Whether it’s a ring, a pendant, or a pair of earrings, owning a piece of Lefkara Silver Jewellery is like owning a piece of Cyprus. It’s more than just an accessory; it’s a story, a tradition, and a piece of art that carries the soul of Lefkara within it.

The Radiance of Gold: Discovering Lefkara Gold Jewellery

Lefkara, a village located on the island of Cyprus, is renowned for its exquisite lace and silver handicrafts. But did you know it’s also a hub for gold jewellery? The village’s name, derived from the Greek words “lefka” (white) and “ori” (mountains, hills), is a nod to the white silica and limestone that color the surrounding landscape. This natural beauty is mirrored in the intricate designs of Lefkara’s gold jewellery.

The artistry of Lefkara’s gold jewellery is deeply rooted in tradition. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans, resulting in unique, high-quality pieces that reflect the village’s rich cultural heritage. The gold used in these pieces is often combined with other materials, such as precious stones, to create stunning designs that are as diverse as they are beautiful.

Affordable Luxury: Where to Find Cheap Lefkara Jewelry

The annual Lefkara Festival, which holds in August each year, is a treasure trove for those seeking affordable, handcrafted jewellery. As you meander through the bustling stalls, the gleam of gold and silver catches your eye. Each piece, meticulously crafted by local artisans, reflects the rich cultural heritage of Lefkara.

The festival celebrates craftsmanship, with artisans demonstrating their skills live. This is a unique opportunity to purchase jewellery and understand the story behind its creation.

The Lefkara Handicraft Centre is another haven for affordable jewellery. You can find many pieces here, from intricate lace designs to bold, contemporary styles. The center is a testament to the village’s commitment to preserving traditional crafts.

Whether you’re looking for a statement piece or a subtle accessory, the Lefkara Festival and the Handicraft Centre offer high-quality jewellery that doesn’t break the bank. So, mark your calendars and prepare for a shopping experience.

a shopper examining a piece of Lefkara jewellery with a magnifying glass

Smart Shopping: Handy Lefkara Jewelry Buying Tips

When shopping for Lefkara jewellery, remember a few things to ensure you’re getting the best value for your money. Here are some handy tips:

  • Look for the 925 stamp: This indicates that the piece is made of genuine 925 Sterling Silver.
  • Buy from reputable sellers: Established businesses like I.& A. Lefkara Jewellery Ltd are regulated by the Cyprus Assay Agency, ensuring the authenticity of their materials.
  • Consider the craftsmanship: Lefkara jewellery is known for its intricate designs. Look for pieces showcasing this craftsmanship, such as detailed filigree work.
  • Ask about the history: Many pieces of Lefkara jewellery have a story to tell. Don’t be afraid to ask the seller about the piece’s history or the inspiration behind its design.
AspectSilver Lefkara JewelleryGold Lefkara Jewellery
VersatilityGenerally, it is more expensive due to its perceived value and preciousness.Prominent in more elegant, timeless pieces that make bold statements.
Skin Tone SuitabilityIt is best suited for people with warm skin tones.Best suited for people with warm skin tones.
CostGenerally more affordable, allowing for high-quality pieces without a high price.Good, but it may tarnish over time.
DurabilityA wide range of pieces is available at stores like Lefkara Silver Jewellery.Excellent, resistant to corrosion, rust, and tarnish.
AvailabilityAvailable but may be less common than silver pieces.Available, but may be less common than silver pieces.

More Than Just Jewelry: The Lefkara Souvenir Experience

When it comes to souvenirs, Lefkara offers a variety of options. Here are five souvenir ideas from Lefkara:

  1. Lefkaritiko Lace: This intricate lace uniquely blends traditional Italian lace and ancient Cypriot art.
  2. Silverwork: From rings and spoons to church utensils and jewelry, the silversmiths of Lefkara create a wide array of exquisite pieces.
  3. Loukoumia: A traditional sweet treat from Lefkara, made using centuries-old recipes.
  4. Local Wine: Nicolaides Winery Shop, a family-run winery in Lefkara, offers a selection of local wines.
  5. Handmade Soaps and Teas: Also from Nicolaides Winery Shop, these make for a unique and aromatic souvenir.

Gift Ideas from Lefkara

The most popular gift options are the Lefkaritiko lace and silverwork. The lace is usually sewn in one color, typically white, beige, or unbleached linen. You can find these beautiful pieces on Etsy.

Silverwork is another craft that flourishes in Lefkara. From rings and spoons to church utensils and jewelry, the silversmiths of Lefkara create a wide array of exquisite pieces. These items can also be found on Etsy.

In addition to lace and silverwork, Lefkara is known for its Loukoumia, a traditional sweet treat. This family business, operating since 1895, uses centuries-old recipes and traditions.

a person participating in a traditional Lefkara lace making process.

Immersing in Lefkara Traditional Experiences: Lefkara Beyond the Jewelry

Lefkara offers more than just shopping. It’s a place where you can immerse yourself in traditional experiences. You can visit the Church of the Holy Cross, which dates back to the 14th century, for views over the surrounding countryside. Or explore the Nicolaides Winery Shop, a family-run winery offering soaps and teas.

The village is also home to the “Pigi,” a faucet with water flowing all year round. It’s believed to be the core of the first settlement of the village. The houses are built amphitheatrically around the “Pigi,” the roads climb upwards, following the soil slopes.

Church of the Holy CrossA 14th-century church offering views over the surrounding countryside
Nicolaides Winery ShopA family-run winery offering soaps and teas
PigiA faucet with water flowing all year round is believed to be the core of the first settlement of the village.

Lefkara, a charming village in Cyprus, is a must-visit for anyone interested in traditional crafts and picturesque landscapes. Located just 40 minutes from Larnaca, it’s easily accessible for a day trip. The village is renowned for its lace and silver making, a tradition passed down through generations.

The village is nestled in the Troodos Mountains, 650 meters above sea level. This location offers stunning views, making it a paradise for photography lovers. In fact, Lefkara was named one of the “30 most beautiful towns in Europe” by the Japanese Association of Travel Agents.

When you visit Lefkara, you can see artisans at work creating intricate lace and silver pieces. These crafts are deeply rooted in the village’s history and are a significant part of its cultural heritage.

Your Journey with Lefkara Jewellery Begins With This Guide

Lefkara jewellery is truly unique. Each piece is handcrafted by skilled artisans using fine silver threads. The result is a delicate and intricate design known as filigree. This technique has been used in Lefkara for over 40 years, making it Cyprus’s oldest type of handmade jewellery.

You’re not just buying an accessory when you purchase a piece of Lefkara jewellery. You’re investing in a piece of art that carries the personality of the artisan who created it. Each piece is made with genuine 925 Sterling Silver, ensuring the highest quality.

To stay informed about new jewelry offers, news, and buying guides, follow our website, LefkaraSilver.com. We promise to deliver the best quality of jewellery available in the market. Join us on this exciting journey and discover the beauty of Lefkara jewellery in July 2024.

a person answering questions about Lefkara jewellery.

Lefkara Jewellery FAQs

What Is Lefkara Jewellery?

Lefkara Jewellery, specifically known as Lefkara Silver, is a type of filigree jewellery originating from the village of Lefkara in Cyprus. It is considered the oldest type of handmade jewellery in Cyprus. The jewellery is made of fine metal threads twisted and melted together by artisans.

What Makes Lefkara Jewellery Unique?

Lefkara Jewellery is unique due to its intricate craftsmanship and the materials used. The jewellery is 100% handmade, each taking hours to create. The artisans who make the jewellery are often local men and women with over 30 years of experience making filigree. The jewellery is made with authentic 925 Sterling Silver, ensuring the highest quality and durability.

How Is Lefkara Jewellery Made?

Lefkara Jewellery is made by carefully stretching the silver material into fine threads. These threads are then manipulated to create complicated ornaments. The ornaments are attached with a burning flame, and then shined through a traditional process using only natural material. This process results in vibrant silver jewellery that is delicate and requires a magnifying glass to fully appreciate.

What Materials Are Used In The Making Of Lefkara Jewellery?

The primary material used in making Lefkara Jewellery is silver of 925 purity, also known as Sterling Silver. This is the industry standard for quality, ensuring the jewellery maintains its shape. Any silver jewellery below the 925 magic number is considered a cheap imitation.

What Are The Different Types Of Lefkara Jewellery?

Several types of Lefkara Jewellery are available, all made from different materials such as silver, silver-plated, gold-plated, and copper. The jewelry style can also vary depending on the technique used, the thickness of the metal thread, and whether other materials, such as stones, are added to the jewelry.

What Is The History Of Lefkara Jewellery?

The tradition of lace-making, a key component of Lefkara Jewellery, in the village of Lefkara in southeastern Cyprus dates back to at least the fourteenth century. The jewellery has been made for over 40 years, using traditional melting and bending methods on genuine 925 sterling silver.

How Can One Identify Authentic Lefkara Jewellery?

Authentic Lefkara jewellery is known for its unique style of filigree, which is a delicate kind of jewellery metalwork. The filigree in Lefkara jewellery is made from fine threads of silver, which are twisted and melted together by artisans. The silver used is of 925 purity, also known as Sterling Silver. The jewellery is entirely handmade, with each piece taking hours to create. The artisans who make these pieces often have over 30 years of experience. The jewellery does not typically include stones or non-handmade silver parts.

Where Can One Buy Authentic Lefkara Jewellery?

Authentic Lefkara jewellery can be purchased from several places. One of the most notable is Lefkara Silver, an online store that offers a wide range of Lefkara jewellery. In addition, there are physical stores in Cyprus where one can buy Lefkara jewellery. For instance, in the village of Omodos, there are several stores, such as Elenie’s Gallery Handmade Local Creations and Jewellery Shop and Homodeus Art & Handcraft Gallery.

How Has Lefkara Jewellery Evolved Over The Years?

Lefkara jewellery has a rich history that dates back hundreds of years. The tradition of making silver filigree, the main feature of Lefkara jewellery, has been passed down from family to family. Over the years, the techniques and styles of filigree have evolved, with different materials and designs being used. However, the core elements of Lefkara jewellery, such as fine silver threads and handmade processes, have remained consistent.

Can Lefkara Jewellery Be Custom Made?

Yes, Lefkara jewellery can be custom-made. Lefkara Silver, for instance, offers custom orders for gold-plated jewellery with a silver base. This allows customers to have pieces tailored to their specific preferences and needs.

Are There Any Famous Personalities Who Have Worn Lefkara Jewellery?

While there isn’t specific information on famous personalities who have worn Lefkara jewellery, many notable figures have visited the village of Lefkara itself. For instance, it is said that Leonardo Da Vinci once visited Lefkara. The village is also home to many famous personalities, including former president Spiros Kyprianou, artist Antis Hadjiadamous, and several businessmen.

What Are Some Tips For Buying Lefkara Jewellery?

When buying Lefkara jewellery, ensuring that the silver used is of 925 purity is crucial. Additionally, buyers should look for entirely handmade pieces, as this is a hallmark of authentic Lefkara jewellery. It’s also recommended to buy from reputable sellers, such as Lefkara Silver, to ensure the quality and authenticity of the jewellery. Lastly, buyers should be aware that many smaller shops in Lefkara village only accept cash.