Best 5 online filigree shops in 2022

Where to buy filigree online?

Filigree can be quite tricky to find online, as it’s a rather rare, exclusive jewelry type that is made from selected artisans across the world. It a challenge to find the best online filigree shops, so we created this list to make things easier.

There are however many different qualities of both the material used in the filigree, and the filigree making process.

That is why it is recommended to only use credible makers with long history and reputation.

NEver compromise for any type of filigree that is not made with 925 sterling silver. This material is what is proven to provide the best balance between reliability, long-term shelf life and ability to bend and craft it into detailed designs

In this list you will find the top 5 online filigree shops, with their main advantages and disadvantages.

1. Lefkara Silver

Lefkara Silver is the first online filigree shop in Cyprus, but it has a history of 40+ years in local wholesale and retail operations.

It has a unique collection of more than 3000 custom designs in it’s retail shops but sadly only 200 designs are available on the online shop.


  • Long history of 40+ years in filigree making
  • High detail and ornament quality
  • Certified sterling silver
  • Unique designs
  • Worldwide delivery


  • Limited production capacity
  • Out of stock items
  • Custom designs limited to wholesale

2. Etsy

Etsy logo - best online filigree shops marketplace

Etsy obviously ins’t a single shop but a collection of online filigree shops, conveniently found in one large marketplace.

Since Etsy spezializes on hadcraft it is no surpise that there’s a huge variety of filigree to buy there.

The large collections, detailed reviews and payment options make Etsy a great option when buying filigree, however it is priced typically at a premium due to the large fees that they charge their partners.

Therefore, it is often the bestr option to find the filigree you are looking for directly on the shops official website instead from using Etsy as your middleman.


  • Huge variety
  • Large database of reviews
  • Reliable and trustowrthy service
  • Easy to use interface


  • Higher prices
  • High transaction fees
  • Not easy to customize orders
  • Mostly feauturing US shops


Okhai from India has a beauitful collection of handmade clothes and filigree made through the traditional process.

However, the material used in the filgiree is only 80% silver, which makes it of much lower quality than sterling silver.

Also the shop featurues only filigree with flower designs, but not new experimental designs.


  • Unique selection of handcraft
  • Ethical company that treats fairly its artisans
  • Women-led


  • Filigree made only with 80% silver
  • Limited filigree designs
  • Website navigation is complicated

4. Breuninger

Breuninger is a well known luxury jewelry shop that has a few filigree desgins as well. It feautures a good quality of materials, mostly out of 18 carat gold.

When it comes to filigree only gold items are available, and the price and margins are cosniderably higher than the other shops in our list.


  • Well-known brand
  • High quality standards
  • Expensinve material


  • Limited variety
  • No silver filigree
  • High prices and margins

5. Filigree Split

Filigree Split is a family business from Croatia with a long tradition in making filigree.

They have some unique designs on their website, but the stock and variety is limited compared to the other options in the list. Several items are out of stock for a while


  • Family business with long experience
  • Beautiful desings
  • Traditional making process
  • 925 sterling silver material


  • Limited variety
  • Many out of stock items
  • Pictures are outdatred
  • Website design is lacking

What is the best shop to buy filigree online?

Even though we may have our biased opinion about which online filigree shops are the best to choose from, we strongly encourage everyone to make a deep research in all the available options, even beyond the suggestions of this list.

Ane ducated consumer is always making the best choices. Before buying filigree it is important to learn to understand the different levels of handscraftsmanship, matrerials, techniques, designs and overall quality.

There are also many talanted filgiree artisan who are sadly not avaialble online. Filigree is a rare, and eclsuvie art , which requires a good research before any purchase

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