Paphos Jewellery Hunt: A 2024 Expert Guide with Great Buying Tips

Starting Point: Your Journey into the World of Paphos Jewellery

Welcome to the world of Paphos jewellery, a realm where history, craftsmanship, and beauty intertwine. This June 2024 guide will take you on a journey through various aspects of Paphos jewellery, including:

  • 10 Travel Expert Paphos Jewelry Buying Tips: Get insider tips from travel experts to make the most of your Paphos jewellery shopping experience.
  • Paphos History: Learn about the rich history of Paphos and how it has influenced the local jewellery industry.
  • Best Paphos Jewellery Stores: Discover the top-rated jewellery stores in Paphos, such as Aphrodite Jewellery and Profile Jewellery.
  • Paphos Jewelry Online: Explore the convenience of online shopping with Paphos jewellery stores.
  • Paphos Gold Jewellery: Uncover the allure of gold jewellery in Paphos, a popular choice among locals and tourists alike.
  • Silver Jewellery Paphos: Delve into the world of silver jewellery in Paphos, known for its elegance and affordability.
  • Cheap Paphos Jewelry: Find out where to score great deals on beautiful pieces without breaking the bank.
  • Expensive Paphos Jewelry: Learn about the high-end jewellery market in Paphos, where luxury and exclusivity reign.
  • Paphos Gifts: Get ideas for perfect gifts from Paphos that your loved ones will treasure.
  • Paphos Souvenir: Find out what jewellery pieces make the best souvenirs from Paphos.
  • Paphos Traditional Experiences: Experience the traditional craftsmanship of Paphos jewellery.
a jewellery expert examining a piece of Paphos jewellery with a magnifying glass.

10 Expert-Approved Tips for Buying Paphos Jewelry

1. Understand the Market

The Paphos jewellery market in Cyprus is a treasure trove of diverse selections. It beautifully marries tradition with modernity, offering everything from locally crafted artisan pieces to high-end luxury items. This market reflects the rich cultural heritage of Cyprus, making it a must-visit for jewellery enthusiasts. It’s a testament to the island’s history, craftsmanship, and love for fine jewellery.

2. Consider the Quality

Quality is paramount when buying jewellery. Please ensure that all diamonds are certified by reputable gemological laboratories, such as the Cyprus Gemological Laboratory

3. Know Your Budget

Paphos offers a wide range of jewellery to suit different budgets. From affordable pieces at Lefkara Silver to high-end items at other reputable diamond stores, there’s something for everyone.

4. Research Online

Many Paphos jewellery stores have online platforms. Researching online can give you an idea of what’s available and help you make an informed decision.

5. Consider the Store’s Reputation

Check out reviews and ratings of the jewellery stores. For instance, a jewellery store with a 5-star rating on TripAdvisor or Facebook Marketplace indicates high customer satisfaction.

6. Look for Unique Pieces

Paphos jewellery stores offer unique pieces that reflect the rich history and culture of the region. In Paphos, jewelry shopping is an adventure. Each piece tells a story, reflecting the rich cultural heritage and skilled craftsmanship of Cyprus. Look for unique designs that resonate with you. These pieces add to your collection and serve as mementos of your visit to this beautiful city.

7. Consider Buying Wedding Rings in Cyprus

While some people suggest buying wedding rings in Cyprus due to good deals, others advise against it due to rising gold prices. Doing your research and deciding what’s best for you is essential.

8. Explore Different Types of Jewellery

Paphos, Cyprus, is a hub for diverse jewelry types. From traditional gold and silver pieces to intricate designs with precious stones like diamonds, sapphires, and emeralds, exploring Paphos jewelry is a journey into the heart of Cypriot craftsmanship.

9. Visit Multiple Stores

Make sure not to limit yourself to one store. Visit multiple stores to compare prices and designs. The Paphos Jewellers Directory can be a good starting point.

10. Enjoy the Experience

Lastly, I hope you enjoy the experience. Shopping for jewellery in Paphos is not just about buying a piece of jewellery, but also about enjoying the process and making memories.

The Intrigue of Paphos History

Paphos is a coastal city in southwest Cyprus steeped in rich history and cultural heritage. In classical antiquity, two locations were called Paphos: Old Paphos, today known as Kouklia, and New Paphos. The city lies on the Mediterranean coast, about 50 km west of Limassol.

The city’s history is intertwined with the goddess Aphrodite, as the eponymous Paphos was the son (or, in Ovid, daughter) of Pygmalion, whose ivory cult image of Aphrodite was brought to life by the goddess. The city was included on the UNESCO World Heritage List for its ancient architecture, mosaics, and religious importance.

Paphos is also home to filigree jewellery. It is usually made of gold and silver, created with tiny beads or twisted threads, combined, soldered together, or to the surface of an object of the same metal and arranged in artistic motifs. You can read more about the Cypriot Filigree History.

The Top Picks: Best Paphos Jewellery Stores to Visit

When it comes to jewellery shopping in Paphos, several top picks stand out for their quality, craftsmanship, and unique offerings.

  • Lefkara Silver: Lefkara Silver is a leading silver jewelry maker and wholesaler in Cyprus since 1979. The store offers a wide range of products, including genuine handmade silver filigree, silver marcasite, and silver opal jewellery. The silver filigree offered by Lefkara Silver is made with the finest and most detailed threads of real silver, making it unique and highly sought after.
  • Marios Diamonds: Established in 1987, Marios Diamonds is a reputable jewellery shop in Paphos. They specialize in beautiful and desirable diamond jewelry in 18kt Gold, Engagement and Wedding Rings, and Colored precious stones like Sapphires, Rubies, and Emeralds.
  • Profile Jewellery: Profile Jewellery is one of the largest jewellery chains in Cyprus, with four shops in some of the best tourist locations in Paphos. Their family company has pioneered fine jewellery, design, and innovation in Cyprus since its establishment in 1985. They proudly represent some of the most popular luxury brands in the world, such as Pomellato, Marco Bicego, Chimento, Tag Heuer, Mont Blanc, and Baraka. Profile Jewellery has a 4.7 rating based on 85 reviews.

Here’s a comparison Table of these top picks:

Lefkara SilverPavlos ave., Marina court, shops 10-11, Káto PáfosGenuine handmade silver filigree, silver marcasite and silver opal jewellery49 reviews, 5.0 rating
Profile JewelleryAp. Pavlou ave., Marina Court Shop 19-20, 8250 PaphosFine jewellery, design, and innovation. Represents luxury brands such as Pomellato, Marco Bicego, Chimento, Tag Heuer, Mont Blanc, Baraka85 reviews, 4.7 rating
Marios Diamonds45, Poseidonos Avenue, Semeli House 10/11, 8042 Kato Paphos, PaphosDiamond jewelry in 18kt Gold, Engagement and Wedding Rings, Colored precious stones7 reviews, 5.0 rating
a person shopping for Paphos jewellery on a computer.

Buying Paphos Jewelry Online

For those who prefer the convenience of online shopping, check out these online stores:

  1. Lefkara Silver: Lefkara Silver is Cyprus’s leading silver jewelry maker and wholesaler. They specialize in genuine handmade silver filigree, silver marcasite and silver opal jewellery. You can visit their website to browse their collections.
  2. Crystal Shop Cyprus: Crystal Shop Cyprus is where you can buy crystals and gemstones in Paphos, Cyprus, and online. They offer a wide range of options, allowing you to find the perfect piece from the comfort of your own home.
  3. is a comprehensive guide to the best jewellery shops in Cyprus, featuring diverse collections and unique designs from various local artisans.

A Closer Look at Paphos Gold Jewellery

Gold jewellery in Paphos, Cyprus, is a testament to the island’s rich history and skilled craftsmanship. Each piece is a work of art, meticulously crafted to reflect the beauty and culture of this Mediterranean paradise. From traditional designs inspired by ancient Greek and Byzantine eras to modern pieces that incorporate precious stones, the gold jewellery in Paphos is diverse and unique.

The city is known for its high-quality gold, which is often combined with gemstones like diamonds, sapphires, and emeralds to create stunning pieces. Whether it’s a delicate gold necklace, a statement-making ring, or a pair of elegant earrings, the gold jewellery in Paphos is designed to captivate and charm.

Shopping for gold jewellery in Paphos is an experience in itself. The city’s jewellery market offers a wide range of pieces, catering to different tastes and budgets. It’s a journey into the heart of Cypriot craftsmanship, where tradition meets modernity most beautifully.

Uncovering Silver Jewellery in Paphos

Silver jewellery in Paphos carries a rich history. The art of metal processing and manufacturing various items and jewellery has been widespread in Cyprus since the Mycenaean era. From the 17th to the 19th century, a rise in the labor of silver-gold art was presented in Cyprus. Various museums and private collections of ecclesiastical museums are remarkable examples of Cypriot silversmiths and goldsmiths.

a person joyfully discovering a bargain at a Paphos jewellery market

Budget Finds: Tips to Buying Cheap Paphos Jewelry

Paphos is a treasure trove for jewellery enthusiasts, offering many affordable options. The city is known for its bustling markets and shops that cater to different tastes and budgets. Here, you can find everything from traditional Cypriot designs to modern pieces, all at reasonable prices.

The key to finding affordable jewellery in Paphos is exploring local markets and shops. These places often offer great deals and discounts, especially during off-peak seasons. Also, bargaining is common in these markets, so don’t hesitate to negotiate the price.

Another tip is to look for jewellery made from less expensive materials. While gold and diamonds are the classic choices, other materials like silver, bronze, and semi-precious stones can be as beautiful and much more affordable.

Remember, buying jewellery is not just about the price, but also the design, craftsmanship, and the story behind each piece.

Expensive Paphos Jewelry: Where To Look

Regarding luxury jewelry in Paphos, three names stand out: Aphrodite Jewellery, Profile Jewellery, and Athos Diamonds Center. They deal heavily in luxury jewelry for special occasions.

Aphrodite Jewellery is known for its exquisite diamond rings and unique gold pieces. They offer a wide range of jewelry, from sparkling diamond rings to elegant gold pendants. Their pieces are crafted with the highest standards of quality and authenticity.

Profile Jewellery is one of Cyprus’s most prominent jewelry chains, with shops in the heart of Paphos harbor, Kings Avenue Mall, Makariou Street, and the city’s historical center. They offer a variety of jewelry pieces, including rings, earrings, and necklaces.

Athos Diamonds Center specializes in diamonds and offers a complete jewelry collection from their workshop and well-known international brands. All their jewelry is in 18-carat gold and platinum, and all their diamonds are certified by reputable international gemmology laboratories.

Check Out These Paphos Gifts Ideas

Paphos offers a variety of unique gifts and souvenirs. YM STOA Souvenir Shop, Beinspired Cards & Gifts, and Rainbow’s End are notable shops that provide a wide range of items.

YM STOA Souvenir Shop in Paphos offers a variety of souvenirs, including magnets, handmade potteries, oil-paintings, and olive cosmetics.

Rainbow’s End offers beautiful handmade arts and crafts by local artists. They have a variety of unique gifts and quality items at great prices.

Beinspired Cards & Gifts is a family-run business specializing in a full range of greeting cards, special occasion cards, and gifts. They offer a variety of items perfect for any occasion.

a tourist choosing a piece of Paphos jewellery as a souvenir.

Top Tips for Choosing Souvenirs in Paphos as Mementos

When choosing souvenirs in Paphos, consider items that are unique to Cyprus. Olive oil, wine, and carob products are some of the must-have souvenirs from Cyprus.

Olive oil is a perfect gift to carry back home. The Cyprus organic olive oil is considered the world’s best. You can find bottles of fresh olive oil at local workshops, grocery stores, and kiosks.

Cyprus wines are also a must for tourists. Most want to carry a bottle or two of the incredible local wine back home. You can buy wine at some local shops in Paphos or the city wineries.

Carob products make a perfect souvenir for those who care for a healthy lifestyle. The products are suitable for individuals with diabetes or allergies.

Here is a comparison table of the top three jewelry shops in Paphos:

Shop NameSpecialtiesLocation
Aphrodite JewelleryDiamond rings, Gold pendantsOld Town Archiepiskopou Makariou C Avenue 83 Next To Kennedy Square, Paphos
Profile JewelleryRings, Earrings, NecklacesAp. Pavlou ave., Marina Court Shop 19-20, 8250 Paphos
Athos Diamonds CenterDiamonds, Gold and Platinum JewelryPoseidonos Avenue, Lighthouse 79-80, 8042, Kato Pafos, Pafos

Irresistible Paphos Traditional Experiences You Can’t Miss

Paphos, a city rich in history and culture, offers many experiences that are hard to resist. There’s something for everyone, from halloumi making and basket weaving to visiting ancient Greek sites. One of the most anticipated events is the Anthestiria Flower Festival, a celebration of spring’s arrival marked by a parade of fresh, fragrant flower bouquets. This festival began in 1920 and became a significant event featuring environmental protection seminars, exhibitions, and engaging excursions.

For history enthusiasts, the Pafos Archaeological Site is a must-visit. This UNESCO World Heritage site is home to various mosaics, catacombs, ruins, and archaeological sites. And if you’re a fan of the outdoors, don’t miss out on the 4WD tours and nature and wildlife tours.

Concluding Your Paphos Jewellery Quest

After immersing yourself in the cultural experiences of Paphos, it’s time to embark on your jewellery quest. Paphos is home to several renowned jewellery stores, each offering unique pieces that reflect the city’s rich history and craftsmanship.

Whether you’re looking for Paphos gold jewellery, silver jewellery, cheap Paphos jewelry, or expensive Paphos jewelry, these stores have got you covered. They also offer a selection of Paphos gifts and souvenirs that are perfect for remembering your time in this beautiful city.

Follow our website,, to stay informed about new jewelry offers, news, and buying guides. Embark on your Paphos jewelry hunt this June 2024, and discover this city has treasures!

a person reading a brochure about Paphos jewellery.

Paphos Jewellery FAQs

What is the history of Paphos jewellery?

Paphos has a rich history dating back to the Neolithic period and was a center of the cult of Aphrodite and pre-Hellenic fertility deities. The Myceneans erected Aphrodite’s temple in the 12th century BC. The city was a hub for producing exquisite jewelry, a tradition that continues today. For instance, the Profile Jewellery family company has pioneered refined jewellery design and innovation in Cyprus since its establishment in 1985.

What is unique about Paphos jewellery?

Paphos jewellery is known for its high-quality gems and unmatched beauty. Stores offer natural diamonds, each traceable to a conflict-free origin. They do not sell lab-grown diamonds, upholding their unwavering standards of quality and integrity in every piece they present.

What types of Paphos jewellery are available?

Various Paphos jewelry is available, ranging from rings, earrings, necklaces, crosses, and gold diamond bracelets to gold pendants.

Where can one buy Paphos jewellery?

Paphos jewellery can be purchased from various stores in Paphos, Cyprus. For instance, Aphrodite Jewellery is in Old Town Archiepiskopou Makariou C Avenue 83 Next To Kennedy Square. Other notable stores are Kings Avenue Mall, Makariou Street, and the city’s historical center, Hani.

Can Paphos jewellery be purchased online?

Yes, Paphos jewellery can be purchased online. Stores like Lefkara Silver, Aphrodite Jewellery, and Marios Diamonds have online platforms where customers can browse and buy their desired pieces.

What is the price range for Paphos jewellery?

The price range for Paphos jewellery varies depending on the type and quality of the piece. For instance, at Aphrodite Jewellery, prices for gold rings start at €220.00, gold necklaces at €210.00, and gold earrings at €195.00.

What are the best stores to buy Paphos jewellery in Cyprus?

The top stores to buy Paphos jewellery in Cyprus include Aphrodite Jewellery and Marios Diamonds. Aphrodite Jewellery offers a wide range of beautiful jewelry to suit every budget, and they also make bespoke items in their workshop. Marios Diamonds, a local family business since 1987, is a reputable jewellery shop in Paphos and throughout Cyprus.

How does Paphos jewellery compare to other regional jewellery styles?

Paphos jewellery is known for its unparalleled quality and individual style. It reflects the rich cultural heritage of Cyprus and often incorporates high-quality gems, enhancing the richness of jewellery arts. Paphos jewellery stands out for its exquisite craftsmanship and unique designs compared to other regional styles.

Popular Paphos jewellery pieces include gold rings, necklaces, pendants, and earrings. These pieces are often adorned with high-quality gems, adding to their beauty and value. The gold ring priced at €220.00 and the gold necklace priced at €210.00 are among the trending products at Aphrodite Jewellery.

Can Paphos jewellery be custom made?

Yes, Paphos jewellery can indeed be custom-made. For instance, Aphrodite Jewellery offers tailor-made jewellery, designed exclusively to resonate with the customer’s distinct taste and personality. This allows customers to have a piece of jewellery that is truly unique and personal.

What are some famous pieces of Paphos jewellery?

While there are no specific famous pieces of Paphos jewellery, it is clear that Paphos is home to some exquisite jewellery pieces. For example, Aphrodite Jewellery offers a diamond ring priced at €1,100.00 and a ruby diamond necklace priced at €1,345.00. These pieces and others reflect the high quality and elegance of Paphos jewellery.

What are some tips for choosing the best Paphos jewellery?

When choosing the best Paphos jewellery, consider the following tips:

  • Quality: Look for high-quality gems and materials.
  • Craftsmanship: Pay attention to the details and craftsmanship of the piece.
  • Personal Style: Choose pieces that resonate with your style.
  • Reputation: Consider buying from reputable stores like Aphrodite Jewellery and Marios Diamonds.
  • Customization: If you want something unique, consider stores that offer custom-made pieces.