Handmade Filigree Ring Style Guide

How To Revolutionize Your Style With A Homemade Filigree Ring

One of the most significant upsides of fashion is that it is flexible and gives savvy individuals the freedom to create and use accessories that are both inventive and beautiful. However, with the fashion trend of this our modern day society, it’s quite difficult to find a fashion accessory that really makes a statement – yet, offered at an affordable price. Along these lines, only a handful of fashion accessories can be your cost-saving grace and a Filigree ring is the most obvious one among them.

A Filigree ring is a piece of hand-crafted jewelry produced using only the finest metal threads or beads. In order to achieve the Filigree ring, the home artisan would have to melt and twist the metal threads together. This way, the filigree ring would not only come out as an incredible piece of jewelry, but it would also carry the home artisan’s personality along with its design.  The end result is a unique piece of art with signatory designs that can’t be found anywhere else.

In the event that you are looking for unique pieces of jewelry that would complement your style in many different ways, you should end your search here and make a purchase. Here’s why

  • Filigree rings come in different colors

One irrefutable advantage of having homemade filigree rings for your everyday use is that you’ll always find them in colors that go with your style. To tell you the truth, there are a ton of premium quality rings out there. But then again most of them are usually offered in boring colors that just cramp your style. However, that is not the case with filigree rings.

Generally, the highest quality filigree ring usually comes in a shiny white color. This color is perfect for your everyday fashion choices, especially if you want to enjoy flexibility and adaptability with your style. Regardless of whatever color of the outfit, you have on; your filigree ring will match it perfectly.

Also, they’ll complement any other accessory you have on your wrist and fingers. Although it is best for you to use other filigree accessories (like filigree earrings and filigree necklace), as they would complement each other and your overall outfit perfectly. If you want to get sassy with your outfit, you can also go for a darker or oxidized shade of filigree. On the other hand, you’ll need to keep your filigree rings away from moisture and high humidity places to avoid damage. If ever you touch the water with your filigree ring, you should clean it immediately with a dry towel.

  • Filigree rings come in different designs

With regards to the design of a filigree ring, the choices are almost endless. Keep in mind that they are homemade pieces of jewelry made by different artisans with unique personalities. This implies that there is close to zero chance of you finding two filigree rings with the same design and character. Since they are handmade, they usually have their own unique character, and you can expect each filigree ring to be a little different from the next (even if they look the same). With this kind of diversity in design and style, you’ll be able to enjoy true flexibility with your filigree ring choice.

Ultimately, the filigree ring style would be determined by the technique of the home artisan, the kind of material used to produce the ring and its thickness. Also, some filigree rings are artistically designed with lustrous crystals (precious/semi-precious stones). All in all, you’ll have an array of designs to choose from when you want to buy your homemade filigree ring. With these unique pieces of jewelry adorning your hands, you’ll be making bold statements with your outfit all year long.

  • Filigree rings are made with premium quality materials

The vast majority of the filigree rings that we have out there are made with top quality materials, especially the ones offered at lefkarasilver. This supplier offers the best of the best when it comes to premium quality filigree rings. In fact, most of their filigree rings just as the vast majority of their other filigree products are crafted with the finest threads of silver. To ensure that their customers get only the best filigree ring for their daily fashion needs, they only use silver 925 for their filigrees.

Silver is a very soft metal and left on its own; it won’t be able to retain its shape when crafted into a filigree ring. Hence, the use of silver 925. When mixed with copper or other metals silver 925 (silver of 92.5% purity) produces an alloy known as sterling silver. This is what gives most of the filigree rings that are available in the market today, their characteristics shiny white color. On the other hand, you’ll need to maintain your filigree ring properly or else the silver color will darken until it becomes grey.

What to look out for when the times come for you to purchase your filigree ring.

  1. Design

Like we said earlier, the style and designs of filigree are almost endless. Therefore, you should only look for suppliers who would help you exploit all the available options. Sites like lefkarasilver offer premium quality filigrees in an assortment of designs. Plus, you can count on them to offer their products at prices that are well within your means. Should you be interested in other handmade filigree products like necklaces, bangles, and earrings, they’ll outfit you with the best designs.

  1. Material

Filigree, in general, are crafted with threads of metal. Which implies that they can be produced using any suitable metal. The vast majority of the filigree rings that we have out there are fashioned from silver threads. But since we are on the subject and because it bodes well for you to know the truth; I’ll let you in on a little secret: not all silver filigrees are produced using silver of 92.5% purity. Some of them are produced with imitations of sterling silver. The commonest imitations include homemade silver of 85.0% purity and silver of 87.5% purity. Silver imitations are not of the same quality as silver 925 filigrees, and so they are usually offered at giveaway prices to customers. If you buy your filigree products from premium suppliers like lefkarasilver, you’ll find the number 925 stamped somewhere on your ring to indicate its purity. On the other hand, we can’t tell you for a fact that a carefully stamped number on a ring is proof that the ring is made with pure silver. The only advice we can give you is that you should purchase your filigree ring from trustworthy suppliers.

  1. Price

Generally, filigree rings are not overly expensive, but you can expect premium quality filigrees to be offered at prices similar to their worth. Top quality suppliers of filigree products are well aware of the quality of their products, and so they will always want to be rewarded with an equivalent amount of the value of their products. For this reason, you should maintain a strategic distance from any supplier whose prices are too good to be true. It might very well be a scam, or they are selling imitations of the real product.   

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