Silver Filigree Guide

Complete Silver Filigree Guide

silver filigree pendant showing the patterns of wings on black background


General Info for Filigree

Filigree is handmade jewellery made of fine metal threads (and beads) that are twisted and melt together by home artisans. There are several types of filigree on the market made from different materials (gold, silver, gold plated).

Gold plated filigree you may ask? This is when you dip the jewellery on gold to have a gold surface but the basis is another less precious metal such as silver, and sometimes cooper. At Lefkara Silver we can do custom orders for gold plated with Silver basis. 

Styles of Filigree

There are different styles of filigree depending on the technique used to do them, how thick is the metal thread that is used, if silver(or other metal) cast or other materials such as stones(precious or semi-precious) are added on the jewellery and also the style of patterns that are showing.

The Premium Quality of Filigree

For the Lefkara Silver branded jewellery, we focus on Silver Filigree (925/Sterling silver) that is made only with the finest threads of silver, which are more flexible and thin (thus also more sensitive) to other type of filigree. We don’t typically add stones to our filigree, or other parts of non-handmade silver.

The filigree we make is 100%  handmade, thread by thread.

The Colors of Filigree

Our filigree is typically of shiny white silver color (on market there is also oxidized/darker color filigree). Since it is handmade and delicate is not advised to be touched by water/high humidity. If water touches it, it needs to be dried fast.

Storing the Filigree

When storing it is good to keep it in small boxes or small plastic bags away from humidity. If the Filigree does not get properly care it will start getting oxidized (like all silver) and lose its vibrant color and become more dark. However, with proper care it should remain shiny for many years.

The Material Used In Filigree

The material used for our filigree is silver of 925 purity. (925 parts of silver / 1000 parts  also known as silver of 92.5% purity.) – also more commonly referred as sterling silver.

There is usually a small stamp on the filigree indicating the number 925 as a sign of its purity (even though its arbitrary added by the maker and hence there’s no real regulation if it is really 925 silver or not). The remaining 7.5% of the metal is usually copper or other metals. 925 is the standard of the industry as if the purity was higher (e.g. 950 or even 1000 (pure silver) then the jewellery will be very soft to maintain its shape (pure silver treads are very soft and flexible).

The Need for 925 Silver in Filigree

By adding other metals like copper the mixture of metals creates a new metal (also called alloys) which is more durable/strong and thus suitable for jewellery making. However silver jewellery that is below the 925 magic number (like 875 or 850) are consider cheap imitations and in many countries are even forbid to be sold on the market as “silver”. Therefore, it is important for buyers to know that they jewellery is 925 silver and not less than that.

Cyprus Jewellery Quality Standards

In Cyprus all jewellery that are for sale within the island are regulated by the Assay Office:  The Assay office has one of the highest standards worldwide when it comes to the purity of the jewellery sold in the island. It demands all silver and gold or platinum jewellery to be stamped accordingly by them with stamps that indicate the purity of the metals so the consumer will know what he gets (in addition to the stamps already added by the jewellery makers such as the 925 stamp).

silver filigree earrings displaying two wings on black background


However, for products that are NOT to be sold within Cyprus such an Assay’s stamp is NOT needed (in our case the Russian exports).

Also, the Assay does NOT allow for sale of Silver jewellery that is below the 925 purity in jewellery shops, therefore, it is quite the standard across the island that the jewellery that is produced here is of this quality.

This distinguishes from most (if not all) Asian countries on which their producers are not regulated by government agencies about the purity of their silver jewellery, which results in many scams.

Lefkara Silver Jewellery Advantages

Our advantages as opposed to other filigree wholesalers:

Lefkara Silver & I. & A Lefkara Ltd

Other Filigree Wholesalers
(Usually from Asian countries)

European Trustworthy and Transparent Company (30-year-old-well known jewellery wholesalers in Cyprus)

Many “ghost”-scammer companies that receives the money and run away with it

Guaranteed 925 Top Quality Handmade Sterling Silver Filigree – Regulated by Gov Agencies

Often Filigree of lesser quality/purity – Unregulated by Gov Agencies

High quality customer service in native language

Most of the companies speak little to no English

Easiness to make an online order – delivery of good at your address

Many companies require you to personally visit them to order or even  receive the goods

Big Catalogues – Clear Images – Option for Custom Filigree Designs

Most companies have very limited and low-resolution images of products



The art of making silver filigree jewellery is definitely a rare,that demands exceptional skills and patience. We are trusting the most experienced handicraft experts in Cyprus to deliver you the highest quality of rare filigree found worldwide.



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