Striking Facts about Handmade Silver Jewelry

We all love handmade silver jewellery, don’t we? It’s not only another piece of ornament in our jewelry collection, but it’s a style statement! We love how it completely changes the entire appeal when paired with any ethnic or western outfit.

But, few of us really know much about handmade silver jewelry. We only see the outcome but there’s more to it.

So, today let’s change this ignorance into knowledge. Let’s learn some facts about this style statement. Go through this and let us know how many of these you knew already?

  1. No Mass Producing Machinery is Involved

When we think about handmade silver jewellery, we often tend to neglect the “handmade” part. Actually, this is literally handmade! The artisans relentlessly strive to make all the designs perfect. The pieces are individually carved, sawed, designed and shaped without any help of any mass production manufacturing machine.

This makes each piece of the jewellery unique and individual. A machine can produce a hundred piece of jewellery within half an hour. But an individual takes ten times more effort and time to produce only a single piece of jewellery.

Now you can easily understand why these are so pricey right? Because you are not only paying for the material but also for the effort the artisans have put.

  1. The time put into it

So, we have roughly estimated in the earlier paragraph that a handmade piece of jewellery takes about ten times more time than a machine-made jewellery, but that’s really a vague time right? So let’s take a look at what the designers have to say about the time taken to curate these.

According to professional designers, almost two to three days are spent in producing one heavy set of silver jewellery. Sometimes, it can also take an entire week depending on the weight and design of the jewellery. Since the design is intricate and quite minute, artisans need to put enough time and effort put into it.

  1. The Making Procedure

The makers need to be extremely efficient and experienced to pull out such silver jewellery. The making process is also quite exhausting. The maker carries out an intimate relationship with every piece of the jewellery that they design.

The design procedure is central to the entire value that lies with the ornament. They know each curve and lines and they deliberately design these as per their choice or client’s requirement.

  1. Custom made design

If you believe that you have to buy jewelry available in the market, you are going wrong. You can always get custom made silver jewellery of your choice. But you need to intimate the makers which type of jewellery you want. Let them know your favourite choice. If you have seen a celebrity wearing it, you can take a shot and show it to your local designer. He or she will curate the design for you.

However, bear in mind that the designers are also human beings. They put extensive effort and dedication to design every piece of jewellery. If there’s one mistake, which is absolutely unintended, don’t punish them by discarding the jewelry. The beauty of any ornament doesn’t only lie in the design; it’s on the person who’s wearing it.     

  1. Materials

From pure silver to carboard and alloy, a lot of materials are used while designing handmade silver jewelry. These are supplied by reputed suppliers. Also, in a manufacturing company, several dirty materials can be used and poisonous or harmful colours can be used for bringing a shiny outlook. But in case of a handmade piece of ornament, such a problem doesn’t occur. The makers are extremely careful and emotionally attached to their products and clients. So they make sure to take care of the clients and you won’t have to worry about the quality of the products.

  1. Investment Value

By now you must be wondering if the handmade silver jewellery have any investment value and if you can use these to earn profit later.

Well, if your thought process is directed towards this channel, let’s tell you that you may be a bit disheartened to invest these.

These designs are intricate and extremely delicate. Also, custom handmade ornaments are generally quite lightweight. This is deliberately done so that the working people or anyone for that matter can wear it casually. Even if they look to be quite heavy, their weight won’t verify that.

On the other hand, banks or jewelry stores don’t pay many bucks in exchange for lightweight items. They prefer heavyweight items. So you may not be profitable during this.

However, consider this from another perspective. You can always gift it to someone during an emergency and save some bucks. Happy right?  Anyone will love if you give such a great gift.   

  1. Local vs Commercial

People often get confused about whether they should opt for big brands or rely on local jewellers.

As long as you are concerned about the quality outcome, we can assure that local jewellers are as much efficient as any commercial brand. Most often you can exoect better customer service, careful attention to every detail, and solely ‘handmade’ jewellery from the local custom jewellers. So you can always rely on them.   

Intimate your requirement to them and stun your friends and relatives with an amazing piece of ornament.

Also, just because you are dealing with a local jeweller, please don’t get rude with them. They may not have the resources like a big jewelry store but their passion and dedication are honest. So value that efficiency. Also, don’t bargain with them or try to ditch them from thekr deserving amount.

Also, some clients often rush at the last hour. Remember, it takes a long time to plan, design and execute a piece of jewelry. So grant the designers proper time. If you want to wear a particular ornament set on any occasion, prepare for this prior to some time. 

So, what do you think of our comprehensive article? Want to add anything to it? Feel free to comment below!


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